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It Happened Again! (Normal Fov On Liset Please!)


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Hey guys,


I noticed this isn't a thing on the dev build yet and I have to wonder WHY. Look, I use my own FOV for a reason, I enjoy the game at that FOV setting most.


However, let's have a look at some evidence that says "yeah this is a possibility".












Note that I was able to browse the Liset perfectly well with no issues regarding any clipping whatsoever.

Also this is not a deliberate exploit but it is a bug caused by lag, any who please make it a feature instead! Thanks! :)

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Maybe because your settings but im not sure 

No basically, on Liset your FOV is set to a certain amount, when you have lag like mine exiting the mission it will take a while for your in-game FOV to change back to the preset one for the Liset. Hence how I got this, anywho just wanted to push further that I would personally prefer my FOV to remain unchanged throughout the entire experience

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