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Dear Warframe,

Here is my list of bugs that you should fix long time ago:

- When you Whisper with someone and you close the chat tab it bugs and you cant do anything. Cant type in chat, cant close chat, cant use keyboard at all, all you can do is move your mouse, and thats it, game restart needed.

- Sometimes when you press esc and navigate the game menu, same thing happening you cant exit the menu, cant move or do anything (cant play), game restart needed.

- Today I had an awesome maxed serration offer (150p) and guess what, I couldnt trade it cause when I put my platinum in trade tab the other guy couldnt see them. Even game restart doesnt help, nothing I still cant trade with anyone cause they dont see my offers, this is the most disturbing sh** that could actualy happen.

Please guys, those bugs are here for a long time and they are realy the priority to fix in my opinion not to mention "Failed to join session" whenever you invite someone to Dojo or Mission. Realy guys stop thinking about new contests or market discounts, fix the game first. Thank you.

Sincerely, a gamer.

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Hm never had any of these bugs. But why do you want to put your offers into trade tab directly. Most people don't look there, they are waiting till someone sends them a PM. Also you can't always post in trade chat. If you posted once you will have to wait a certain amount of time till you can post again. This is there to prevent spamming.

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Not seen any of these problems myself either. Only trouble I've seen was when closing a tab, you have to be in the tab itself or it sometimes closes your active tab (of some other person's chat, not the regular chat tabs).


You do know you have to hit 'offer' before someone sees it though, right?

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Then I dont understand why is it only me, thought everyone else have same bugs, maybe cause my game was installed through steam? I dont know. (But of course many other people play through steam just like me.)

This is a screenshot of Chat Tab bug, I cant do anything here, only move mouse coursor (mouse click not working, keyboard not working, nothing.) alt+f4 needed.

Screen: http://i.imgur.com/1o5RMlU.jpg

And as you can see there is a free spot between Trading and some other player who pmed me. Its happening like all the time when Im closing PM chat tabs, well not 100% of the time but like 80%, realy annoying thing ;/

And yes I know I have to press Offer it even says "Specify items for trade and then press Offer" or something like that ^^ I always do that dont worry Im not a noob :D But that day I posted this topic nobody could see my offered items I was even pressing Accept Trade and nothing. But it was just that one day, never had that bug before or after. Cant say the same thing about chat tabs, bugging all the damn time, even now, I came here to write this post only because it happened again and I had to close the game...

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