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Sentinel With A Grenade/rocket Launcher?


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How awesome would it be, if there was a sentinel, with a little penta or ogris attached to it? to balance its massive damage it will cause when a rocket hits the enemy, the weapon would have a really slow rate of fire. I want so see more weapons for the sentinels, also because there are more and more players replacing it with a kubrow.

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If you think players are replacing the sentinel with Kubrows, I point you to the Carrier sentinel.


Anyway, I'm not sure about an explosive-based Sentinel.  Explosives generally hurt the user if they're too close, so I couldn't see it being too useful since it might down you more often than it kills others.  Plus the sentinel might kill itself, and even Regen won't save it from killing itself.  But if you could keep a distance, and it would shoot enemies at a longer range than other sentinels, it might be a good choice for someone like Frost who sits in his snowglobes during defense missions.


EDIT: But yes, I am in favor of more sentinel weapons.  They don't even have to release unique sentinels for each, just give blueprints for 'em in the Sentinel tab.

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For me, that would only serve as mastery fodder. I prefer Kubrows and Carrier to other sentinels, but I'd get it and try it out. Problem is, if I let a sentinel use it's weapon, it will die 90% of the time if I need the extra firepower. 

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Grenade launcher: Might stop firing when enemies get to close? Or the damage won't hurt you (Torid style)

*skill if paired with sentinel: preferably something that helps with enemies who are close range  -cc skill.


Flame thrower: Some sort of AoE weapon would be interesting. High status, medium dam? Short range high dam/status.

*skill if paired with sentinel: firewall (enemies can't pass) or some AoE-DoT placed skill (like Oberons hallowed ground mixed with fireblast or what ever it's called)


Sniper: LONG range, basically same as you. Weapon is silent.

*skill if paired with sentinel: Blink - teleports a nearby enemy (melee user) away to a random location. Called shot - targets the head for massive damage, or some cc, a decoy?


Mines: Mines are cool ok (no not the ones dismembering innocents irl, but in game) they're a bit odd and you'll need to move around, but it can be interesting, high dam.

*skill if paired with sentinel: AtA battery - fires a missile volley at enemy air units (high dam)

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