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[Contains Reading] Cruelty; New Quest, New Villain, New Frame, New System, And The Potential Return Of Raid Missions.


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Quest Name: Cruelty

How to begin: Obtain a special Nav Coordinate, randomly dropped by any Grineer Eximus above level 10.


After obtaining a Nav Coordinate (In Mission):

Lotus: "Tenno, I am getting strange readings from that coordinate you picked up, finish your objective and get to extraction, whatever data is within this navigation coordinate may help us in our war against the Grineer."


After finishing the mission, the Lotus will send you a PM with the blueprints for a "Cache Triangulator," which requires 3 special Nav Coordinates, including the one you obtained.


The PM:

"Tenno, after analyzing the data you have found, I was able to find out that the Grineer have found a cache of Tenno. However, the data is corrupted; we will will need two more coordinates in order to triangulate the exact location of where this cache of Tenno is. I have marked two possible locations where you can find this data."


After this, two missions: One on Earth and one on Ceres, will be marked, and will play like regular Mobile Defense missions, with one terminal to hack into, however, after the defense timer runs out, instead of the normal "Get to Extraction" message from The Lotus, Lotus will read a message encrypted in the data, depending on the mission done.



Lotus: "Tenno, I have found a message encrypted in the data, it reads "I did not make the same mistake, I will be waiting." It appears that someone knows what we are hunting for, get to extraction.



Lotus: "Tenno, there was a message encrypted in the data you have found. "The end of your days is near, Tenno, glory to The Queens." Proceed with caution, Tenno, and get to extraction.


After getting the last two Nav Coordinates, you will build the Cache Triangulator, which will only take 30 seconds to build, you will then gain access to a new system, with only one mission unlocked. This mission will play out like an old-school Raid mission.


At the beginning of the mission:

Lotus: "Tenno, I am detecting an artifact in this area, retrieve it, but proceed with extreme caution, those messages have me worried."


Throughout the mission, you will receive transmissions from an unknown adversary, you can clearly hear what he says, but the voice is too garbled to pinpoint who it may be.

???: "I see you..."

???: "You will be mine soon enough, Tenno."

???: "Glory to the Queens!"


After progressing as you normally do, you go through a large, unassuming room filled with storage crates, with a door on the other side, after going through the door, you walk into a room filled with opened stasis pods, and the corpses of dead Tenno scattered everywhere.


Lotus: "..."


Lotus: "Tenno, grab the artifact... And get out of there... Fast!"


After grabbing the artifact, you get another transmission from the mysterious adversary.


???: "Heh heh heh..."


As you leave the room filled with dead Tenno, and approach the exit to the large room, the doors suddenly lock, and a cutscene plays.


The camera pans up as a platform descends, revealing the Grineer that has been taunting you throughout the entire mission, laughing.


After this cutscene, a battle begins, however, the platform the Grineer is standing on is projecting a powerful force field that can't be broken through, you receive a message from the Lotus indicating that this is a fight for survival.


Lotus: "Tenno, I am detecting a powerful force field, you will not be able to harm him right now, try to survive while I attempt to unlock the doors manually."


After this transmission, a 3-Minute time begins, and the Grineer starts shooting at you with his Marelok.


Rikt'Al: "Tenno, I am sorry for the lack of formalities, but let it be known that it will be Rikt'Al Heel that brings an end to your tyranny, for the Queens!"


While the timer progresses, Rikt'Al will shoot any visible Tenno with his Marelok in rapid succession, dealing around 700 damage with each shot. To avoid this, players must take cover and avoid any other attempts at assault, which includes deploying troops and nervos mine. Rikt'Al's platform will also be on the move, meaning that all players cannot stay in one place. Rikt'Al will also remove some of the cover every 30 seconds.


Throughout the battle:

Rikt'Al: "Come out, Tenno, and face the wrath of the Grineer!"


Rikt'Al: "Vor was a fool, I will not make the same mistake as he did, letting you monsters free."

Rikt'Al: "I wonder... Do you freaks of nature make noise? I want to hear you scream in agony as I tear the flesh off you bones!"


Lotus: "I'm still working on opening the doors, try to stay out of Rikt'Al's line of sight."


Whenever Rikt'Al deploys troops:

Lotus: "I'm detecting a large security force, Rikt'Al has deployed troops, lock and load."


Whenever Rikt'Al removes some of the cover:

Rikt'Al: "You cannot hide forever!"


After the 3 minutes have passed and the doors unlock, the Tenno are prompted to get to extraction as soon as possible.


Lotus: "I have just finished hacking the security systems; get out of there as fast as you can."


Rikt'Al: "Damn you! Damn you all! I will not let you escape! All troops, stop the Tenno at all costs!"


Throughout the rest of the mission, the entire level is in a constant state of alert that cannot be reverted, and Grineer Heavy units have an increased spawn rate for the duration.


As you get to extraction, Lootus congratulates you on completing the mission, and you are shown your reward: The blueprints for a new Warframe.


Lotus: "Mission complete, good work Tenno, but I doubt we've seen the last of Rikt'Al."

Prizes for completing the quest: The blueprints of a new Warframe, and access to a new system: Titan.


This was a spontaneous quest idea, the idea behind it was to add a possible new system, as well as introduce a new Grineer official as figurative in-lore "replacement" for Vor.


Short description of the new Frame:

The idea behind this frame is similar to Valkyr: A Warframe that was corrupted by the technology of an enemy faction, however, this frame has been severely modified by the Grineer, thus some of the concepted abilities so far are similar to or exactly what Grineer units can do. This Grineer Frame is currently unnamed and as of now still a work in progress. but these are three ability ideas for this frame:


Pound: ???? slams the ground, knocking over all nearby enemy units and dealing Impact damage


Unnamed Ability: ???? releases a series of latchers, which lock onto enemy units, latch onto them, and explode.


Jettison: ???? flies up into the sky, keeping them in place and increasing their firing speed and damage.


Short description of Rikt'Al Heel:

Rikt'Al Heel is a low-ranking Grineer official, while low-ranked, Rikt'Al is feared by others for his cruel and sadistic nature, and is the lead on many expeditions for Tenno caches. Rikt'Al has no respect for any Grineer official, other than the Twin Queens. His favored weapon is the Marelok, and when the need arises, he relishes in torturing lower-ranks, prisoners, or enemies on the field with his Atterax.

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