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I think the argument of size and weight isnt the issue. Think about scindo of other heavy weapons, if you are in melee only you dont have them on your back, you have them in your hand ready to attack. You dont have hands ready to take them from your back, you carry them.

Size and weight was to do with my last line, most of what I posted was to do with the drawing stroke (one of the most important strokes when using a katana), restore breath control by sheathing, and how awkward it is to run with a katana out.


Most western styles carry them unsheathed because they are more versatile that way. The katana is a versatile weapon and can be used either from the sheath or outside the sheath. However due to honour and law the katana gets sheathed alot so the drawing stroke becomes very important. Basically the drawing stroke was developed to be "quick and clean" in killing an enemy fast. You can imagine why we tenno would use such a technique.

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Having your hands there is the ready postion for drawing your blade. Considering our missions we must always be prepared to draw our blade at a moments notice. Running while having our blade out doesn't do us much good as the blade just gets in the way.

Well considering that quick melee is still very quick, it doesnt make a difference. All im saying is that it looks stupid when you run, roll, slide and jump. Normal walking, ok, but for all the other things its very impractical having both hands tied on your left hip.

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I  think it should be stance dependent.


Tranquil Cleave uses drawing strikes, so that stance should be as it is.


Decisive Judgement should have it equipped while in melee mode, as it's a 2-handed stance,


Blind Justice...well, it's cool. So I think like Tranquil Cleave, it should be the same.



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wow the amount of misinformation in this thread is staggering


no one used iado technique on actual battlefields, sure you might draw and strike as you transition from your lance or bow but no one stood there in iado stance swallow striking enemy footsoliders lmao

if you tried that you would get cut down instantly 


more accurately you might run with the sword half drawn because the scabbard on your body would hold the weight of the sword but otherwise its always drawn in actual combat


its too aggressive to have your sword drawn in a nonbattlefield setting even though you have the intent to kill or preparing to defend yourself so that is iados place

the idea is the attack is unexpected and the enemy cannot judge the distance/reach of your strike


well whatever it looks cool aka rule of cool

having the different stances use slightly different resting animations seems like the best way to please everyone, then nikana lovers can choose how they want to roll

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Tranquil Cleave and Blind Justice fits the "unsheathing at the first strike" idea but It wound't be bad if Decisive Judgement has an already sheathed nikana when in melee mode being held with two hands, seeing it uses the "two hands per strike" idea, like a samurai ready for combat.


Also it annoys me a little that I use the sheath to block bullets, why can't I use the actual blade to block bullets?


It might scrape the paint off my sheath you know!

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I would rather see the sword outside the scabbard more often too.   However, that just sounds like the means for DE to invent yet another stance mod that will allow that.  The thing I despise about Nikana stances is the strange fact that they are as follows.  One-handed strikes.  Two-handed strikes.


I think it would be better if the 1, 2, 3 strike button press, along with combos, involve a diversity of strikes requiring sequences of both single handed, two handed, and even reverse handed strikes.  In other words, each stance is more so a kata of fighting and stylish strikes rather than how many hands you use.  Heck, it would be even better if your warframe steps into a stylish martial arts stance each time it stops running or walking while in melee mode, and such stances involve having the sword outside the scabbard.


The game needs more of a martial arts feel to it rather than just fancy gimmicks.  Even Starwars have better martial arts than this game, if you consider the (if I remember correctly) the seven known "forms" of lightsaber fighting styles in the Jedi and Sith Order.  I think stance mods should have gonein this direction rather than having practically useless combos.  With the Nikana stances, I personally expected more than what was given.

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Early forms of Iaido existed back when samurai were around, but they weren't widely used. 


But this game mainly runs on rule of cool, so it doesn't really matter.


Hm... samurai were around before katanas were...

So would iaijutsu predate katanas as well?

Not sure how practical it was with a tachi, though...


Anyhow, I prefer the Decisive Judgment style over the others.

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