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Noticing The Support For Syndicates


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Is everyone now against Lotus and bringing balance? OR, or, are we all still serving Lotus and just doing side missions for the weaker factions of the universe?

Funny question I know, but I'm seriously curious if the community (especially those who love the lore, like myself) would consider one of the Syndicates a better choice than the Lotus? Especially since these Syndicates seem to be striving for a much more clear goal(s).



And sorry for this being something based around the roleplay and lore, if those searching for something about gameplay, I hope this didn't waste any time.

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It's just fun.


It's like the Grineer vs. Corpus rivalries that happened during Gradivus.

Yeah! That is true, but I feel the need to see if people really would branch off, roleplay and all that interests me in some ways, I'm desperate to see where people stand, heh.


And seeing the posts in this thread, I'm alone on my idea of staying with the Lotus.


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I don't know much about the  lore i'm new but Tenno are probably much   more complex than your puny imagination human. huuuhh?


Maybe Tenno  just  dont care about lotus or any other faction  maybe they don't care about balance . Maybe They just want to kill and loot stuff until the end of time. and when they have all the weapons and warframes in the universe , they will find a way to go beyond the universe(s)  and loot  more..


and when they have looted  everything in this perceivable physical world  they will reach a point where they become (what you call) gods in order to create more worlds for them to loot  or use the universes , time and space, everything beyond time and space,and all the loots they got  as a weapon to destroy all the other stupid petty gods. and take control of everything.


How about that? 


and you are worried about INFESTATIONS! and Civil WARS?   HA!

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The second I get the chance, I'm leaving.


I'm tired for fighting for her.


She gives us no goals other than this mythical balance.


Give me the Red Veil any day, they are doing something about the corruption.


They are fighting for a pure goal.


Hail the Veil.


^this and

Hail the Veil.


Purge the corruption!

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