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Remove Corrupted Warframe Mods, Add Corrupted Ability Mutations


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Now that abilities are being removed, lets change the way corrupted Warframe mods work. As it stands now, Corrupted mods often cause players to build entirely around one ability, hampering the others. Also, they make balancing very difficult, as DE must try to make sure the abilities can work for players who don't have Corrupted mods, while not making them overpowered for players with them.


So here's my suggestion: let's not make the Corrupted abilities mods anymore. Instead, let's have Corrupted Ability Mutations. This is how they'd work:


Either through the Vaults or a Quest, players could gain one of the four Corrupted Mutators. These mutators would unlock the Ability mutations for every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Ultimate ability. The mutations they unlocked would be tailored to each ability. This allows for better balancing because no ability would be able to get a benefit without a drawback, while making the abilities less antagonistic to mod for each other. Also, it gives more room for utility mods to be used.


For example: Excalibur (I'll attempt to use the proposed changes to Excalibur, not the current abilities).


Slash Dash Mutator 1: Increase Distance and width of slash damage to 6 meters and 3 meters across, reduces strength to 150 damage. (Slash dash needs a buff, but that's not my point right now).


Slash Dash Mutator 2: Increase Damage to 600 damage, reduces efficiency by 50%.


Super Jump Mutator 1: Increases stun range to 15 meters, decreases Invisibility duration to 2 seconds.


Super Jump Mutator 2: Decreases cost to 5 energy, decreases jump height to 6 meters.


Radial Blind Mutator 1: Increases range to 30 meters, decreases stun duration to 5 seconds.


Radial Blind Mutator 2: Increases duration to 25 seconds, decreases range to 5 meters.


Radial Javelin Mutator 1: Increases damage to 2000, decreases range to 10 meters.


Radial Javelin Mutator 2: Increases range to 25 meters, increases cast time to 5 seconds.

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The reason I'm suggesting this is that I believe DE's only fixed half the problem with players being discouraged to use their whole skill-set. As it will stand soon, players who used one ability only will still only mod around that ability, and the other three buttons/keys/swiping directions? will simply grow dusty as players are still only encouraged to use one ability.


With my proposed system, players could use all their abilities and also make sure there is a detriment for every ability, making it harder for those abilities to be abused.


EDIT: I also think it would be okay if DE limited how many abilities can be modified on one frame at a time. Perhaps only one or two could be Corrupted on one loadout.

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