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Wts Various Rare Mods (Inc Nightmare And Corrupted)

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Hi there, I'm in bad need of some platinum so I can grab some more 'frame slots. As such I'm selling off my backlog of rare mods. PM in game if any of these appeal to you and we'll work out a price. (Note that all are unranked)


Accelerated Blast x 2
Blaze x 1
Fired Up x 2
Fleeting Expertise x1
Heavy Trauma x 2
Hollow Point x 1
Ice Storm x 1
Iron Phoenix x 1
Lethal Torrent x 1
Master Thief x 1
Metal Auger x 1
Narrow Mineded x 2
Ravage x 2
Reflex Guard x 1
Shred x 1
Streamline x 1
Sundering Strike x 2
Undying Will x 1
Unleashed x 1
Wildfire x 1
I also have a Boltor Prime stock if anyone is interested.
Cheers, K-A
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