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Warframe Alerts By Sms



So I just made that happend))

I probably shouldn't make this post since 


already exists, BUT I made some changes to it.


What have I changed?

well not much

1. I change the email source from digitalextremes.com to zapier->tweeter (mainly because I couldn't find how to subscribe to it...)

2. added deletion for notify emails istead of just removing the label (as it was initially)(hate when my inbox is full)

3. another fix (see P.S.)




What you need:

1. Gmail account

2. Twitter account

3. Mobile phone that suports SMS (allmost everyone since the 1998)


What you want to do:

1. get on twitter an folow

     a) @WarframeAlerts if you want all the alerts

     b) @Warframe_BOT if you want the alerts with something more then just the credits

2. Sign up for "zapier" and make a new "Zap" (big orange button top right)

3. The zap settings

    step 1

        Trigger app -> Twitter

        Trigger        -> User Tweets

        Action app   -> Gmail

        Action          -> Send Email

        press continue


   step 2

        Select and confirm your tweet account

        press continue


   step 3

        Select and confirm your gmail account

        press continue


   step 4

        write in the box the tweet acc you want to follow (see point 1 for reference)

        press continue


   step 5

        Box "To"            -> your_gmail

        Box "Subject" -> press "Insert Field"->select "Retweeted status text"

        Box "Pplain Body" -> warframe_alert

        leave the other boxes empty, press continue


   step 6

        you may test it but no actul use to it now, just continue


   step 7

        Give it a name (mine is "Get_Warframe_Alerts_To_Email")

       press "Turn Zap ON"


4. Go to gmail. Create a new label preferably named SMS. Then go to settings (gear button and then settings) -> filters -> create new filter

In the field form paste "your_gmail" (without " "), to "your_gmail" (without " "), has text "warframe_alert" (without " "), go to next page and set "label - SMS" and create the filter.


5. Go to google calendar, settings and cellphone configuration, just connect your google account with your phone number etc.


6. go to calendar settings -> calendars -> click "remindings and notifications" in a row in which is your calendar listed, then in new page set default notification by SMS (text msg), 0 minutes before.


7. go to google drive. 

Now: Create-> Script, then choose Blank project and paste this:

function Notification() {
  var threads = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName('SMS').getThreads();
  var now = new Date();
  if(threads == 0) return; //Stop the Script if no email found
  for(i in threads) // for every email found
    var str = threads.getFirstMessageSubject(); // get email title
    var n = str.length;                                             // get email title lenght
    var i=n-57;                                                        // get 57 chars, cose is max allowed in google SMS notify
    var result="";                                                     // init result
    for(i; i<n; i++){ result+=str;}                             // shortenning email title to last 57 chars, where email title is tweet's text
  CalendarApp.createEvent(result, new Date(now.getTime()+60000), new Date(now.getTime()+60000)).setDescription('this-is-sms_notification-mark'); //make new event and mark it
    // why delete label when you can delete the message))
    //GmailApp.getUserLabelByName('SMS').removeFromThreads(threads) //del SMS label to stop repetitive SMS
  var search = "label:SMS";                                                           //simpele gmail search text
   var old = GmailApp.search(search, 0, 100);                              //
   for (var i=0; i<old.length; i++) {                                                  //
      var messages = GmailApp.getMessagesForThread(old);   //get the messages
      for (var j=0; j<messages.length; j++) {                                    //for every message
        var email = messages[j];                                                       //get specific message
          email.markRead();                                                              //mark as read to not cause eye bleeding when you look in  the trash
          email.moveToTrash();                                                        //delete it
  Utilities.sleep(100000); // wait to take efect
  var TodaysEvents = CalendarApp.getDefaultCalendar().getEventsForDay(now); //get list of todays events
  for (i in TodaysEvents)                                                                                           // for every event on today
  if(TodaysEvents.getDescription()=='this-is-sms_notification-mark')                    //if mark found
    TodaysEvents.deleteEvent();                                                                            //delete event


Now - save it, I named it "notify", and go to resources on top of the page where your script is (don't go anywhere else yet), choose "current project's triggers and set a trigger (for me it's enough to have a "notification, time-driven, minutes, every 1 minutes" but you can choose a 5 min or every min, your will. Now save it. Authorize in pop-up window. And click the play button above the script (triangle). Done.


obviously I haven't done this myself

so thanks to Geomemnon for:


and his inspiration source:





Hope this helps somebody. have any questions? would be  glad to help.



one more thing due to the speciffic way gmail callendar notifiations works, you can't fit in the SMS all the tweet's text, only 57chars, so I used a little trick, and you get in the SMS the LAST 57 chars instead of the firs. this allows you to se the time, the credits, and the blueprint/stuff you get. example of sms:



Reminder: Stockpile - 57m - 4100cr - Oryx Oberon Helmet (Blueprint) 

>>flowed by, current day, date, and my email


the full tweet was:


Oro (Earth): Destroy Munitions Stockpile - 57m - 4100cr - Oryx Oberon Helmet (Blueprint)



If I hadn't made the change, the sms would have been:


Reminder: Oro (Earth): Destroy Munitions Stockpile - 57m - 4100cr -

>>flowed by, current day, date, and my email


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