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Will I Lose My Forma'd Slots In The New Update?



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Hello, my name is NearlyDedicated, and I'm a forma addict.


I 8 forma'd my Mk-1 Braton, Lato, Skana, and Excalibur, in hopes that it would take my newbie content to end game. Although it was a success, I feel the need to join forma addicts anonymous.

No amount of Forma can bring Braton to eng game. You'll simply have a greatly modded piece of scrap with 20 spare mod points.

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It'd be interesting if you were rewarded with some sort of "Charged Forma" that allows you to forma one slot instantly, without resetting your level.


Exactly, that way you don't feel like you wasted your time. It takes hours to get a warframe back to 30.

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Hours? It shouldn't take more than 30-50 minutes at the very most. You can get any frame to 30 in that time frame even on mercury.

Proof? The way you say it makes it sound like it takes little effort to level up frames.

It used to take ~40 min before infested turned op on Sechura with affinity booster.

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How do the not understand that people who are at the point where they are Forma-ing away ability slots do not care if they get the Forma back or not? We do however care about the time we spent. 


I currently own 103 crafted Forma.

The time I spent to get the polarities on my Frames is what I care about.

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