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Ninja's Of Vengeance. 


While we understand that during a game, things can get heated and you might start swearing etc, please try to keep your outbursts to a minimum. Maturity is a 100% MUST, and everyone appreciates a player who can stay cool even after getting killed over and over with a broken weapon.



We as a Clan are not interested if you are breaking rules, we do not support it, we do not condemn it, we simply do not care.

As a Clan we stick TOGETHER we do not care what differences you and a member have between each other. The true enemies are OUTSIDE of the Clan, not within. So use your logic, we can not fight others while we are fighting each other. 

Not all people get along all the time as we all fight sooner or later. Unfortunatley, this can escalate and cause things to be said or done over something trivial. If you find yourself in the wrong, then step up to clean your slate, do not lie about it.

Being honest with us is a sign of Respect, even if you are in the wrong. Do remember that and we always take Honesty into Consideration.

We understand that there will be things that will interrupt your time during an event but we will not appreciate you just randomly logging out without letting us know that you have to leave the event.

Higher rankers are never to abuse powers.

What needs to be remembered is that even though you may be of high rank, you were once a recruit like everyone else. You have been entrusted with power to uphold the Clan rules, to keep peace in the Clan chat, and to make time in the Clan enjoyable for others. not to be bias and mistreat Clan Members.

Abusing such power is extremely disrespectful of all Clan Members, especially the one's who decided on your promotion.

-Leaving the clan without a word to anyone means that he/she has abandoned the clan. If they want to return they will be treated like any other applicant. Those who left the clan for personal reasons but with the desire to return may be considered.



We aren't overly strict here, but there is a hierarchy for a reason.

The players who have been selected as Squad Leaders and Squad Assistants are there because they have proven themselves to excel in leadership 

and are thoroughly committed to Ninja's Of Vengeance. Unless their requests are unreasonable, you are expected to comply as fully as possible.


Squad Staff Responsibilities

  • - To lead by good example.
  • - To make sure that all squad members - new and old - read, understand and follow the Code Of Conduct.
  • - To promote the Code Of Conduct.
  • - To provide an environment that allows all members to speak freely.
  • - To ensure that all members understand the structure, and the importance of having a chain of command.
  • - To support a culture where good conduct is recognized and valued.

Officer Responsibilities

  • - To regularly update all members about the rules and regulations of our clan.
  • - To regularly update all members of any changes to the structure.
  • - To provide the education and tools needed for Squad Staff to carry out their duties.
  • - To provide a hospitable forum environment for all members.

Member Responsibilities

  • - To read, understand, follow and uphold the Code Of Conduct.
  • - To immediately raise questions about possible violations of the Code Of Conduct with Squad Staff.
  • - To raise questions or concerns about Squad Staff with the Warlord
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