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Missions Auto-Starting: Bug Or Not?



So, I decided to finally get around to building Loki. I checked Psamathe and saw that, as usual, no one was playing it. So I qeued up a match and sat back to read a book while waiting for others to join. About five minutes later I heard the countdown timer, so I eagerly went back to the game, only to find that I was all by myself. No one had joined, no one was with me, I was apparently trying to take on the Hyenas by myself (which I am not equipped to do).


So what was that? Was it a glitch? Or is it a feature I've never run across, that if you wait too long to start a match the game auto-starts it for you?

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Sounds like somebody else joined you, then left.  The countdown starts when other people join, but doesn't stop just because they hopped out.


I've done this to other people on accident a few times before due to clicking a mission node and the game was all "OH HEY YOU CLICKED ME that means you want to view, select, vote for me, AND start the timer all in one click, right, RIGHT?!?" and I'm all "Goddamnit game no" and exit the squad before it pulls me into something I clicked on accident.

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