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Tenega Cevka (Energy Weapon) - Spell Caster Gauntlets


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Images coming soon...

The Tenega Cevka - meaning energy conduit - in languages I translated but forgot what they were XD

What the weapon entails:


Passive: gain 0.6 energy/second

A primary weapon using the warframe's energy to throw out elements to destroy the enemies of the Tenno

Choosing of elemental attunement happens when you apply/wear the item

attunement: attaching an elemental mod of the same element your'e attuned to triples in its % - duel elements ie corrosion - increase by 1.25% due to scaling of mods

how attacks work?



charge - 0.3

crit/status: 25%

crit damage: 2.0

efficiency based mods reduce energy needed for casting attacks with the Tenega Cevka


Left click - WoW/Fantasy-esque style cast - cast a energy projectile of your chosen element


Right click - ignis style attack


L+R - Taking a page out of Limbo's book of his #4 - float and send out an explosive blast of energy


How to make it?


O Cell

10 oxi

25k cred to build

cant think of anything else :P

I thought of this re-write/fix up after some further thought, hope it is easier to read

Thanks YourMoms :P

Much appreciated


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hmm its an interesting concept, but its a lot different than anything in the game, personally i dont think using energy for weapons is very practical, perhaps a new ammo type would suffice

Thank you for your thoughts :)


ammo energy conversion would be interesting too :P

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I think it's a cool Idea, but it seems better as a secondary. Even cooler, a melee that has a charge attack that shoots a fireball, similar to the glaive mechanic. You would probably have to build a different weapon for a different element, other wise choosing is OP.

It was originally a melee weapon

I'll continue to toy with the concept

Thanks for your input :)


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how about making it a melee weapon with channeling as an alt fire like when not channeling you do some sick martial arts or w/e then when channeling you go to energy blasts with its own set of combos. drop the fantasy feel and go more dbz i guess.

Thank you for your suggestion - I'll look into it

I think I may have a basic idea of what to do

Watching this space about this idea too :P

Why not have both!

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