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Same Problem As Everyone On This Page


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Sometimes "all systems nominal" sometimes "all systems are crap mode"


I have never had so much trouble with a game before in 10 years of online gaming


but anyways here is my contribution

(googled how to port forward 4950,4955,80,443)


ISP modem  - Q1000 http://imgur.com/0omo2hA

Modem - Linkys BEFSR41 http://imgur.com/dBv11vF


FIrewall - Comodo

for ports 4950&4055 i set the Direction to "out" and Destination Port to 4950&4955

80&443 Direction to "In" and Destination Port to 80&443


When no one else in the house is using WIFI, all systems are nominal

when someone turns on the XboxOne and watch movies or go on their Iphones


other things

-there are two computers connected to the modem

-And Warframe has been logged onto two computers before without seeing this message everyday

-Warframe is also on our gaming console... I don't know which ones because I don't touch them

-I'm the only playing Warframe now in this house

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