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Wandering Merchants Mod & Prime Sale!

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All mods are unranked


Feel free to pm in game or leave your post here if you are interested in an item. 

Thank you :D


Constitution - 5p

Continuity - 10p

Enemy Radar - 5p

Flow - 5p

Intensify - 5p

Natural Talent - 10p

Overextended  - 15p

Quick Thinking - 15

Rejuvenation - 10p

Steel Charge - 10p

Streamline – 5p

Stretch – 5p

Vigor – 5p



Accelerated Blast - 5p

Contagious Spread - 10p

Firestorm - 15p

Hammershot - 10p

Hell’s Chamber - 10p

Malignant Force - 5p

Ravage - 5p

Shred  - 10p

Split Chamber - 15p

Toxic Barrage - 5p

Vital Sense - 5p

Wildfire - 5p



Barrel Diffusion -10p

Ice Storm - 5p

Pistol Pestilence - 5p



Energy Channel  - 5p

Focus Energy  - 5p

Rending Strike  - 5p

Spoiled Strike  - 15p

Sundering Strike  -10p

Virulent Scourge  - 5p



Brutal Tide  - 10p

Cleaving Whirlwind  - 15p

Crossing Snakes  - 5p

Reaping Spiral - 10p

Seismic Palm  - 10p

Shimmering Blight - 10p

Swirling Tiger  - 10p



Coolant leak  - 15p



Bite- 15p

Maul - 10p

Link Health - 5p

Link Shields - 5p


Prime Parts
Bo Ornament -5p

Boar Receiver -  5p

Boar Stock - 5p

Boltor Stock - 5p

Burston Barrel - 5p

Burston receiver - 5p

Ember Helmet - 10p

Fang Blade - 5p

Frost Chassis - 5p

Frost Helmet - 5p

Frost systems - 5p

Glaive Blade - 10p

Hikou Pouch(X1) - 15p

Hikou Stars(X1) - 15p

Latron set - 12p

Loki systems - 20p

Mag chassis - 5p

Paris parts - 10p (ea). 30p(set)

Reaper bp - 5p 

Rhino chassis - 5p

Rhino systems - 5p

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