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Allow The Poor Mk-1 Braton To Use The Normal Braton Skins?


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I finally got enough platinum to buy myself a syandana, and, while looking at other things, i saw the braton camo skin, before buying it, i selected the appeareance tab of my MK-1 Braton, and, it wasnt allowed to have skins for it.


You may think, why a stupid MK-1 Braton when you already have a Braton prime? Because i want, problem?


But the reason of this thread is simply to allow the MK-1 Braton to use the alternate skins, as the Braton Vandal (;~;) does.


Plz DE?

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Hmm, back when I had a MK-1 the IAHGames skin worked on it. Maybe having that skin unlocked the others?


You can skin Scindo Prime, it just does wonky things sometimes...



Edit: no, the local out of business grocery store did not have a skin for the braton...

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