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Give Corpii (Plural Of Corpus) Alternate Helmets


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Yeah that shoebox gets old fast. 


Corpus should have a bunch of alternate helmets to be randomly rolled on unit spawn, for cosmetic variety. 


Would be nice to have a lozengue-shape  (looked from the top down) besides the old rectangular one. 


Would be interesting to have fishbowl-glass shaped ones too. 


Eximus could have variations with 'metal plate beards' hanging from the helmets (flexible like syandanas).


Those metal beards would look like several wide and short rectangulas plates sitched together, or lozenge-shaped scales, or round scales, depending on helmet being worn. 

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Kinda goes against the uniform crewmen seem to have. I mean, SURE, there are different colors, but that seems to be more of a job-related coordination thing - i.e. safety orange.


While an INTERESTING idea for, perhaps, unique Corpus characters, as a whole I think the general uniformity of the Corpus uniform fits their theme MUCH better.

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Slanted surfaces add resistance to frontal attacs, improving energy deflection. So that's a pro for lozengue-shaped Corpii helms (even if they are just cosmetic in-game really). 


And a fishbowl-glass helmet would look cool on Corpus, especially if they are filled with fluid (actual in-game particles) with Corpus crewmen breathing supersaturated oxigenated fluids so that they can dwell in super-hygh-pressure environments, like deep underwater facilities. Space scuba diving!


Imagine Corpus crewmen running with fishbowls in their heads fileld with liquid, and headshotting splatting liquid (particles) around. Would be fun. 

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