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Connectivity Issues... Maybe?


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For a couple days now I've had really strange problems with Warframe that I can only guess have to do with the game's connection to the servers.


Basically what happens is, I join a mission, no matter which, I play it without any sort of problems during matchmaking, loading or playing, but once the mission is completed the game - sort of - locks up. I will see the reward screen, the countdown going down and then get teleported back to the initial spawn location. There is no HUD except for the party window up left, I cannot move or turn or shoot. I CAN manually open the options window by clicking the button in the top left (esc doesnt work) but I cannot log out and the 'abort mission' button will give me the message "can't abort mission, it's been completed!".


The only thing I can do is kill the game with alt-f4, then kill the process via task manager (it won't close by itself at all) and when I log back into the game, any changes, loot I received or mission completion credit is reset, like I never played at all.


I've recreated similar lock ups by accessing any of the ships tools (loadout, mods, etc.) and as soon as I leave the menus to save the changes, the game locks up, forcing me to kill it as stated above and relog, to find any changes I made not in effect.


I have no idea where to even begin trying to fix this. I've verifyed the game three times through steam and the loader, disabled firewalls... I don't know what else I can do. =|


Edit: Using Comodo Firewall, Avast Antivirus. Ingame network diagnosis doesn't give me any errors.

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That is after I uninstalled the game from steam and made a fresh install with the website's downloader. I logged in, set matchmaking to solo, ran a full mission and it gets stuck right after the reward screen. Spawned me back at the mission entrance, dead. No HUD, no menus, no possible actions other than alt-F4.


The hell. :|

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Tried something else now. Accepted a mission and aborted it as soon as I loaded in. The game is now stuck on a black screen with a small window saying:


"Updating account information, please wait..."


It's been like that for 20 minutes now, despite me shutting down the internet connection for a few seconds.

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