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Grineer Invasion Framerate Chug


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Over the weekend (yesterday specifically), I was doing the Charybdis invasion on Sedna.  Fighting on the side of the Grineer to push back the Corpus, I noticed the screen shaking a lot. At first I thought it was a bug, but it was happening in time with explosions, and so I found it to be a cool effect.


When I get to the cause of the shaking -- the Grineer invasion pods -- the framerate went down the toilet.  I was meleeing all of my enemies because trying to snipe them was out of the question.  Running with 3 other Tenno and a boatload of Grineer, the game couldn't handle all the players, NPCs, and the pods all in one place.  That's not taking into consideration sentiels and kubrows, too.  Once I got off the pod, the framerate continued to chug until the conclusion of the level.


To clarify: I think this was really cool.  Being able to hop in the pod and go from Grineer tileset to Corpus in a few seconds must have taken a lot of work on your part, DE, and it shows.


I don't know how it can be fixed, or if it can be fixed, and I feel like something this epic deserves more love.  Please fix this cluster-mess so subsequent invasions run more smoothly.  Is this new to 14.8.1?  I've never experienced it before yesterday, but I thought it was really cool!

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