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Best Looking Gold Metallica-Like Color



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Thread fails to deliver on the thrash metal that was promised by the title.


On topic: The orange-golden hues in the "Tenno" palette work pretty well. However, it varies greatly on what you apply it to as each individual part of a weapon/warframe seems to have a slight, sliiight variation (probably due to shadows or textures).

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Eximus has a few pretty good ones as well; the problem with picking a "best" gold color from presently-available ones, is that because of the way that colors are presently applied to Warframes and Weapons (the shaders), the appearance of a color varies depending on the textures and mesh of the item (and specific components of said item) in question. In addition, the colors of adjacent components of the item can further skew the perceived color.

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Screenshot of Shamrock gold incoming.


This is a disclaimer, I have a mild form of colour-blindness and so the golds in Shamrock may not be as good to you as they are for me.


Sorry, I really don't want to mess around making these appear in my post, here are a couple steam links. That gold seems to match the gold on the Prime Armour/Misa Prime pretty well.




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You can get pretty close with the shamrock yellows.


I've got a Valkyr that runs gold trim to match her prime weapons (when equipped) and it's very close when viewed with the lighting in the Liset.


If only her Corpus-y bits could be recoloured...

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