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Akbronco Prime Buff


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Akbronco Prime is supposed to do more damage than regular Bronco Prime. It in fact does the opposite. What boggles the mind is that the base damage is reduced, and the crit damage is increased - on a weapon with 2.5% crit chance!


So I hereby suggest this change:


Bring the base damage up to the same level of a single Bronco Prime.

Remove the 50% extra crit damage.


It is probably one of the worst Primes to build, considering it's components. Make it worth it, DE. Make it worth it.

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the akbronco prime also boasts an increased status chance that allows it to reach over 100% status chance it is not in need of a buff


It is stated to have an increase in damage over the single counterpart - it should have it.


It is the most annoying Prime weapon to farm in the game - it deserves it.


The crit damage makes absolutely no sense either. The Status Chance might be neat and all, but the Bronco series is not a status weapon series and it doesn't make any sense for it to have higher Status Chance.


It is like whoever designed Akbronco Prime had no idea what stats to give it.

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if you read the full description it says the weapon has an increased chance for elemental effects aka status which effectively means more damage as almost every status does a damage boost and or a DoT effect the akbronco prime are stronger than the single by a fairly large margin

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It doesn't need a buff at all. The akbroncos are meant to be burst secondaries and they excel at this. And as others have pointed out, the status chance makes it viable for different purposes endgame being one of those. However, I completely agree that to craft the weapon is more a hassle than what the compensation returns.

I have both ak's and the single prime all maxed out and the akprime is always my favorite and best for just about anything.

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+1 i agree it needs the buff


why ? status is not enough because of IPS you just impact stun most of the time so it does not translate to damage 

and the slow reload speed


if base damage was increase to where it was SUPPOSE to be, which is only fair, then akbronco prime would be worthy of its crafting requirements and prime status


and what about the clip size ??


lets not beat around the bush, it was probably prenerfed for no good reason just so it didnt step on brakk toes, lame 

the poor thing.. i almost feel sorry for akbronco prime held back from its intended glory purely for political reasons

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