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Need Help How Do I Set A Clan Rank For New Members By Defualt



i'm a warlord in my clan and b4 another warlord was removed he had changed our recruit rank to abt with reason for another guy leaving warframe 4 a few weeks who is back now well now as founder warlord I changed it back to recruit



and in my clan I made it where with each rank u earn a new clan ability


so for example recruit has ability to host and be artictic which allows them to edit and build decorations with solider I allow them both of the recruit options but add in recruiter ability


well for some reason now solider is the new default rank for new members yet recruit is below that


is it a privilege I did or what but how do I go about fixing this to where a new member is a recruit starting out.


I will now that the recruit rank was the absent with reason rank b4 I changed it back and the solider rank where newbie used to be became the default rank


however I have rank backs to normal in terms of names now but still solider is now new clan memebers rank what am I doing wrong and how do I go about fixing it thx

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so question is then why is that lower rank utility there to begin with yes it's the one I named recruit how do I make it the default rank for new comers and what the point of 1 rank lower if it's not the default rank is there away to fix it as I recall the utility recruit in my clan always being the default one at bottom how to I fix it thx

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there is no way to change what rank everyone starts at, i use it as my rank for leaders who have all the same privileges as me without having to name a warlord (back in the day you couldn't demote a warlord even if you were the one who made the clan)


and its named exactly what its there for, a utility slot


so i suggest just changing it back or making it the highest rank :/

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