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Ghostframe Concept.


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Gender: Female.

Playstyle: Use ghastly abilities to terrorize your foes.
Appearance: Thin with ragged cloth bits. Main unique detail is a sort of torn-up poncho.

The default helmet would be hood-like, with physics, while an alternate helmet would have a skull design.


The Agile animation set would feature ghoul-like motions while crouched forward. 

The Noble animation set would have twisted marionette/puppet-like, twitchy animations, often featuring the frame's head tilting sidways.

Approximate Stats:

Health: 120 (360.0 at rank 30)
Power: 150.0 (225.0 at rank 30)
Armor: 15
Shield Capacity: 120 (360.0 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed: 1.0
Stamina: 100
Polarities: 1x Bar 1x D
Aura Polarity: D



Cost: 25 Energy

Creates a scarecrow wherever you are aiming, in the same method that Loki's Decoy is deployed. 

Enemies cannot be within 8/10/12/15 meters of the scarecrow, and may be reluctant to shoot anything within its bounds.
Duration of 8/10/15/18 seconds.


Certain enemies, and enemy attacks may bypass, such as; Rollers, Eximus, grappling hook attacks (Ancients, Scorpions), and possibly more. 


Duration is affected by Power Duration.

Spook radius is affected by Power Range.

Chance of enemies being unwilling to fire towards the scarecrow is affected by Power Strength.

Cost: 50

Unleashes a ghastly projection of you 8/10/12/15 meters forwards in a swooping animation, after which, the projection will enlarge in a dramatic animation, which scares and damages nearby enemies.
Deals 100/150/200/300 Cold damage to enemies during the swoop, with a small chance to proc.

The dramatic scare deals 200/300/400/500 Blast damage, to enemies within a 6/8/10/10 meter radius, with a 100% Blast proc chance.


Blast damage radius increased by Power Range.

Damages increased by Power Strength.

Swoop range is unchangeable, as to not cause boosts to your other skills to alter how one would normally aim this Ability.

Cost: 75 Energy

You take on a ghastly form, taking reduced damage, while chilling the air around you.

Enemies that contact your ectoplasmic form are not unscathed.


Incoming damage received is reduced by 10/20/25/30%.

Enemies within a 4/6/8/10 meter radius are slowed by the freezing air, similar to the effects of the Sentinel mod, Coolant Leak.

Your melee damage is increased by 50% in the form of Radiation damage, and any enemy you physically bump into takes 100/150/200/300 Radiation damage, with a high proc chance.

Duration of 10/12/15/18 seconds.


Damage reduction, melee damage bonus, and Radiation damage are affected by Power Strength.

Cold slow AOE is affected by Power Range.

Duration is affected by Power Duration.

Cost: 100 Energy
All enemies within a 10/15/18/20 meter radius take 125 Cold + 125 Radiation damage per second from a flurry of ghost-like nano swarms.

4/6/8/10 of the affected enemies become immobilized by fear for the duration of the ability.

Interactable items within the poltergeist will become possessed, increasing the damage per second for each possessed item. 

You are free to move after the casting animation is performed.

Any lights in the immediate area are turned off for the duration of the ability.


Damage, and number of enemies frozen with fear is affected by Power Strength.
Radius is affected by Power Range.

Duration is affected by Power Duration.


Although this was mostly done for fun, be sure to leave any opinions, suggestions, and other feedback in the comments below. (Unless you suggest to radically change everything, then you can gtfo.)

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