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Should I Play Dark Sector?



Yes, I'm referring to the prequel of Warframe, Dark Sector. Not the mission type.

It really looks interesting and seems to play out just like Warframe, but I've heard it's 'scary'.

I'm a coward when playing video games, to be honest. I can't even stand the sight of games like Slender.


So, on a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is Silent Hills and 1 is Skyrim, how scary is Dark Sector?

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Its an older game.


Playing it on PC feels like you are walking in molasses at times. Controls are VERY clunky if you do not have a controller.


Story is cool. Enemies can be scary the first time.


For scariness? About a 5 at MOST, usually about a 2 or 3.






If you can get it cheap, and most can... Play it.


It is NOT Warfame. It is a cover shooter.




-10, aproximately.

Warframe isn't a horror game... there is just blood and flesh everywhere but it's nothing special.

and dark sector just mean => same mission bug against infestation (unless for earth exca... wtf ??)




He said he meant Dark Sector as the game, not the subset of Warframe.

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More of an adventure third person shooter over anything. Its like calling Gears of War "scary", even though the games are barely related. Even though the enemies arent human doesnt mean its scary

Thats my take on looking at it though. Only horror games like deadspace gave me scares, and a bit creepy.

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