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This for the Archwing missions.  The ships I usually see are the gunships located on hangars of a faction, sometimes hover above ground like those on Corpus Outpost.  But never any other ships can be seen.  I will update this and bring new ideas.




gun: auto firing weaponary

cannon: heavy particle weaponary

barrage: firing projectiles almost simultaneously




Light: Fast, maneuverable starfighters equipped with light guns and fast missiles.

Lockfinder: slim, V-shape is great for escaping projectiles.

Equipments= dual light guns


Aeroqey: pilots are trained to use these vehicles to hit-and-fly their enemies.

Equipments= dual light guns, homing missile


Medium: Fighters designed for dogfighting.

Cutfinder: a support fighter capable of cutting objects with hidden buzz-saws.

Equipment= buzz-saws, moderate gun


Redbane: standard fighters for Grineer pilots.  Capable of raining missiles on ships.

Equipment= moderate gun, dual homing missile launchers


Heavy: Bombers or transport made to withstand most punishments

Farrager: Heavy troop transport loaded with explosives to clear way for troop deployment.

Equipment: heavy gun, dual homing missiles, EMP stunner




RAAF: Reconnaissance Aerial Attack Fighter

SST (Scout Silent Transport): ships design to help pilots slip past enemies.

Equipment= cloak (can still see silhouette), light gun


ASST (Advanced Scout Silent Transport): Advanced version of SST.

Equipment= flash flare launchers, cloak (can still see silhouette), light cannon


SFLS: Standard Front Line Ships

SAF (Space Altitude Fighter): backbone of Corpus Navy, SAF pilots use their ships to ambush their foes.

Equipment= dual moderate guns, beam cannon


HSB (Heavy Strike Bomber): bombers that release barrages of bombs which can devastate vessels.

Equipment= dual barrage bomb launchers, moderate cannon


HTT: Heavy Tactical Transport

CRAT (Commerce Robotic Automation Transport): Lethal gunships that can deploy drones into space.

Equipment: drone deployer, heavy gun, dual mounted cannons


Open for ideas, will add classes to the battle ready fighters.

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