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Taiko Drum Minigame (Dojo).


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First watch this: [



So there is a big drum. You come close and press [interact ] to start. 


Controls are simple :  

Left hand  

[W] -Middle of the drum,

- bottom of the drum,

[A]/[D] - Sides (each making slightly different sound) 


Right hand is controlled with arrows (same sounds as left hand). 


There are 3 levels of "volume"    Weak - Hold [shift] ,  Normal  and  LOUD - [hold space]  (for controllers its front buttons).


to quit press [interact] again.  


Yep. Pretty simple. Hardest part is animations I guess...


P.S.  Yes I know that most people are not interested in such things...But it would create awesome atmosphere in the dojo. Especially if the drummer is good.



Update 1! 


It seems that there is NO NEED to be able to hit RIGHT side of the drum with LEFT hand.  So controls are changed :


Left hand :  [W] - middle    - bottom   [D] - left side   |    Right hand :    [up] - middle  [down] - bottom   [left arrow] - right side


No changes to Volume controls.

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