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What Syndicate Will Represent What Frame?


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Just a thought, that because each Syndicate has it's own theme, I thought we could try matching Warframes with each one, before U15.

I don't have any idea atm, because I haven't really looked at each one enough to get a good guess.


So what do all of you think?

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Ash: Red Veil

Banshee: Cephalon Suda

Ember: New Loka

Excalibur: Arbiters of Hexis

Frost: Steel Meridian

Hydroid: New Loka

Loki: Red Veil

Mag: Perrin Sequence

Mirage: Cephalon Suda

Nekros: Red Veil

Nova: Perrin Sequence

Nyx: Cephalon Suda

Oberon: Steel Meridian

Rhino: Red Veil

Saryn: Red Veil

Trinity: New Loka

Valkyr: Steel Meridian

Vauban: Perrin Sequence

Volt: New Loka or Perrin Sequence

Zephyr: New Loka


Focus on the warframe's themes and abilities. Their strengths and weaknesses. How they're obtained, how they relate to the sustainability of life or lack thereof. For example, Trinity is focused on healing and revival. Valkyr has a hatred for anything that even bares a slight resemblance to the Corpus, and is brutal and warlike. Vauban's portrayal of technology leans him more towards the Perrin Sequence. Nyx's abilities and strengths lean her more towards Cephalon Suda. Ash's assassin nature and strengths lean him towards the Red Veil.

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Red Veil/Valkyr: The faction that seeks peace through destruction of the forces that corrupt the system, and the person that has been personally hurt and wronged by one of said forces and has an aggression based play style. IMO Valkyr and the Red Veil are a match made in heaven.


New Loka/Loki: Purely because Loka kinda sounds like Loki... that's it.


Welp, that's the end of my incredibly long list.

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I think the only one that has actually been confirmed already has been Loki and Red Veil.

Exactly what this guy is saying. If you guys had payed any close attention to the DevStream -hint hint- you guys would already know that at the very least, Loki is Red Veil's favorite. Not trying to sound offensive or anything, but you guys should try to look into things at least a small bit first before saying something. Other than that though, I'd say main syndicate representing Warframes would be: (note these are not in order of list, just in order of what I can think of. Also, I'm kinda ranting so of course my grammar would be horrible.)

Steel Meridian: Either Rhino because it states they are sworn protectors of the remaining colonies, and also Iron Skin ties into the name STEEL Meridian, or Ash, given they like Guerrilla warfare, aka run in, at least semi stealthy, and then murder a ton of stuff before running away. Ash is also a semi tanky warframe, so he can run in, kill things, and run out still alive, battle-hardened, like the Grineer deserters. "Lead by a battle-hardened Grineer deserter..."

Arbiters of Hexis: Most likely Excalibur because of how Excal is not only the "original/main warframe" but also how they consider Tenno to be more than just warriors. Of course they'd choose the main "symbol" of the Tenno. Another factor would be the fact that they like honor and discipline, shown in a frame like the warrior Excalibur.

Red Veil: Obviously, as they said, Loki. I'd say this was a smart choice because as their description says, they'll "heal the system through a great and violent purge" with "no cost too great, no cost too precious". Loki shows that through the fact that he kills things by slaughtering them, with or without them knowing (invis damage/stealth damage = x4) and those costs being Loki players sacrificing their energy and/or decoys.

New Loka: I'd have to side with Oberon this time, because of how he is not only the main Earth warframe, representing nature with some of his different things, but he also has the righteous feeling of "I'll bring Earth back to normal" given his design itself and "homeland" is Earth. If I were an Earth paladin guy, I'd probably be wanting Earth normal again too.

Cephalon Suda: A very hard one to decide, given most waframes are purely based around destruction, Frost seems like the best choice for me. The Cephalon Suda is described as wanting to know about many beings and other things, which Frost can preserve using the ice to freeze them. He also can prevent destruction with his snow-globe, allowing protection of artifacts, buildings, important documents, or more. The other factor influencing my choice would be that snow is a very calming thing to see most of the time, the slowly descending and very beautiful snowflakes descending from the sky, hardly making any noise.

The Perrin Sequence: The last on my very long list, the Perrin Sequence wants to help restore the economy with mostly peaceful methods, also studying. Nyx would easily allow such because of mind control and/or chaos. They can use mind control or chaos to simulate economic crisis, or just normal events within the economy to see what to and not to do with the market.

Well, my long rant is now over.

Stick to your opinions though, you should believe in what you want to believe.

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