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[U15] Whether Warframe Ability Rank Adjustable Or Not, Once Being Maxed Up?


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It is known that warframe ability MODs will be removed in U15, and abilities will be upgraded through uses.

The question then arises : is the rank of an ability adjustable by player's preference once being maxed up through uses?
You may wonder : why does it matter? Since ability MOD consumption is no longer an issue, higher is better, isn't it ?

Not always true.

I like using Banshee equipped with lv0 Silence, maxed-rank Sonic Boom and Overextended on Extermination and Mobile Defense missions. The short stunning effect of Silence aura helps protecting Banshee and her teammates close behind from enemies' fire. So does Sonic Boom. It is not surprising if you see a Banshee rushing headmostly, killing most enemies, and getting least harm in T4E/MD.

For rushing and killing, the range of Maxed-rank Silence with Overextended, which is for extending Sonic Boom's, is too large, at the same time its duration is too long, even with Fleeting Expertise, as some of the stunned enemies near the edge of the aura may already rise to their feet again while Banshee has just finished those close around her, but Silence cannot be recast immediately until expired. That's why I prefer a lv0 Silence rather than a lv3 one.


Perhaps some of other warframe abilities would encounter similar situations.

So, it would be nice if every ability rank is adjustable by player's preference once being maxed up through uses.

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 It is creative use of an ability and you are right, if those details aren't reviewed, then some powers are going to be ignored still because they won't have the effects people want.  Removing powers from the slots and from mods in general can be good, but removing all adjustability on the powers again removes them from usefulness.

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