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Alternative Skill For Ash


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Sup Tenno i was thinking, since this whole Ash vs Loki debate is still going on in-game and on he forums as well and is sometimes the base for arguments, i figured " why not change Ash's ability?" You can't really change Loki's skills since they are based off the Norse God Loki. But Ash is based off the modern ninja...ninja's do a lot more than just simply the things Ash is given as skills.


So we already got:

- Shiruken

- Teleport

- Smoke Screen

- Bladestorm...basically assassinating the carp out of every 1 within range.


Modern ninja's can do:

- Run on walls (already in the game)

- Remain in stealth properly (already in the game...sort of)

- Usually carry chain hooks for mobility (already in the game...Valkyr's rip-line)

- Also use the chain (hooks) to pull the target closer(sort of in the game)

- Also use chain hooks to entangle the target(not in the game)

- Carry bombs at times for distraction or...well...what they are meant for...blowing S#&$ up(not in the game)

- Carry flash bomb (already in the game...sort of...Excalibro RB)


There's probably more but i can't think of them on the top of my head.


So what could we add to replace Smoke Screen?


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