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Dark Sector Conflict Suggestions (Just Hear Me Out?)


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My suggestions definitely will take a while to implement, because it changes core aspects to Dark Sector Conflicts.


Now these are my suggestions:


The Objective Change:

Change gameplay objective from Attack/Defend to Conquest. Meaning that both sides will be defending and attacking. There are up to three points on a map. First point is the middle point. Two teams first contest for the middle point. If one team wins, takes the objective, then they move on to the next point. The two other points already belong to each side's. Once you capture the middle point, you move on to destroy their last point, which would be the power core of our current Dark Sector Conflict.


Since it's no longer Attack/Defense, all sides get unlimited respawns. Spawn area is dependent on how many points your team captured.


When attacking your foe's last point, you only get limited respawns before you're pushed back to the midde point. This requires strategy or skill.



The Ability Change:

Abilities should be a luxury, meaning that while they do change the tide of battle, they are limited. Here is the list of changes to limit ability change:


1. No energy orbs will be dropped by enemies. That is to limit the spamming of energies. While we can put countdown timers, abilities can still be used again in the same life. This is very extreme, but I'll explain the rest later on.


2. You only get energy at the spawn, where there are energy stations. These energy stations are there at every spawn point. It means once your team captures a point, they get an energy refill. They cannot constantly go back for energy refills, as there will be a countdown of about one minute.


So why am I limiting abilities? I'm sure you guys all know why. Abilities are supposed to be used at the most important times. Not everytime. It makes them too powerful, and limiting them forces players to use them wisely.



The Warframe Builds Change:

Even if energy is limited, players can still make efficiency builds and spam them whenever necessary. That's why our personal builds will no longer apply for Dark Sector Conflicts. Instead, there will be presets. While you're in spawn, you can choose which preset you want. Below are the presets.


1. Durability/Speed Build: This build enhances your shields, health, or speed. You must choose mods which to suit your playstyle, while all of them enhances your gunplay and swordply. You are unable to get all upgrades, so choose wisely.


2. Ability Build: This build trades your normal combat enhancements for ability upgrades. You don't get health, shield, or speed increases, but you do get to increase ability efficiency, power, range, or duration. You must choose which mods to suit your playstyle. You can only lean towards one way. Flow is not included in any builds.


3. Team Build: This build focuses on Aura Mods, as you slowly accumulate them to support your team. Energy Siphon may seem the best, but is not actually fast due to the fact that efficiency is limited to Ability Builders. Even then, they get reduced duration as balance. You must choose and accumulate Aura Mods, and keep in mind you cannot have all. Choose wisely and support your team. You health and shield choices are limited, but not locked like Ability Builds.


Update 15 locks all abilites on Warframes, so no matter which preset build you choose, you will have a chance to use all your abilities. Duration/Speed Build does not enhance your ability, so you may most likely be able to use them few times or effectively. Ability Builds enhances your abilities, but keeps you on your toes for gun and swordfights. Team Builds can be like a mixture of both durability and team enhancements.



The Combat Change:

Weapon builds are not changed. Damage reduction to health and shields are both at 50%, instead of the usual 75% for health. This helps make more weapons as viable as others, although further tweaking is appreciated.


Enemy Specters spawn for both sides, and it's now a battle for destruction of either rails.



This is a pretty far-fetched suggestion, so I can understand why players wouldn't support this.

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