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Each class should have a unique trait/passive(s)


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I feel like besides the different class skills their warframes are pretty much the same.

It would be nice with a little bit of variety to each class such as unique passive(s) and/or trait(s)

Excalibur could get a passive(s) relating to melee, mobility, etc...

Volt and Ember could get passive energy regeneration or things that added bonuses to different spells.

Rhino could get passive health regeneration or some kind of other tanking gimmicks.

Ash and Loki could get invisibility until attacking monsters or some other assassin stuff.

Trinity could get some kind of support buff that passively supports the team constantly or something like that.

Mag could get something like bullets which slowed enemies by a percentage or some kind of slowing aura... Just something that relates to the skillset.

Just in general the characters need some more unique features other than their skillsets. I feel that passive skills or traits would be a great idea to improve the different warframes.

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I'm glad there are more who likes the idea of this. Hoping to get a dev comment on this as well.

Literally almost everyone who has replied to these threads has liked these ideas. I've made two threads about them and both have gotten generally positive feedback.

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They could put passives somewhere in the skilltree, that are unique to that Warframe and provide interesting benefits, and make it a choice between different options for different playstyles. Like lets say they are three Class Passive slots in the skill tree somewhere, each one could have two different passives so you can at least somewhat customize your Warframe playstyle beyond just the mod slots.

Not only would it make each Warframe more distinct, it would make two players playing the same one not necessarily have the same playstyle.

At the same time, to make room for those passives in the skill tree at the same level cap, I think each character should start with their first three powers at least right off the bat, and have them become stronger through the skilltree as they currently do anyways. But let people use the abilities sooner in the first place.

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