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Just a few bugs, will add some screenshots if I take them.


1. Occasionally, I will join a mission and the display settings seem to be changed (but arent). Usually, brightness is dramatically lowered and contrast is higher. Though it looks a bit neat, it is fairly dark, and things such as my syndana glow extremely bright.


2. Almost 1 out of 5 missions, my mele weapons will revert to the default light blue weapon trail. For example, my Kronen with red energy will show up with light blue energy when attacking or running.


3. This isn't really that much of an issue, but is weird. When I start the game, (This seems to only happen with my Ash and Cernos) my Ash will be sitting at the login screen, and my Cernos Bow will fluctuate in size for a moment. It will usually start VERY large and shrink to regular size. Sometimes it will reset. After that, it usually doesn't happen, but some animations make some weapons change in size.


Hope these are easy to fix!

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