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Can We Have Another Warframe Statue?


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Some of the DE staff that bought them have yet to receive theirs either



It could very well be the inter-state or international postal systems problem, because unless you're using those day-after shipping things like what Amazon does (I'm told) The international / inter-state boundaries potentially become problems especially when delivering physical objects that must be handled with care.




I once purchased something similar that took 1 year, 4 months and three days to arrive

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There will be more for sure! 

I'm still waiting for mine as well. The delay wasn't something we could control, unfortunately. The Warframe community has been really patient which is awesome. We really appreciate it. 


I love you Drew!! 


Will there be larger run sizes than Excalibur?


You guys considering more dynamic poses for future frames?

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Rhino or Loki (Prime would even be better) and I will really* send you my credit card** to do what you please***.

* Not really.

** Info. Only for payment for cost of said item.

*** Joking aside, I look forward to seeing what comes next. Maybe I can get one if I can afford it at the time.

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This may be a useful sample experience, it may not.  FWIW, I ordered a statue (through Forbidden Planet, who was a middleman for Gentle Giant).  The product blew three different ship dates, and eventually arrived 15 months after it was ordered.


While no-one I contacted would provide any specific reasons for the delay, I've always suspected two in particular.


One, it's possible that the production order wasn't filled immediately, so that the manufacturer could allow time for sufficient quantities to be ordered to make the production worthwhile (doesn't make sense to go through the headaches of producing a sculpted product if there will only be a few dozen made), but this possibility is based entirely on my own cynicism.


Two (and I've confirmed this with friends who work in this industry) in cases of licensed products, sculpts are frequently sent back and forth between the sculptor and the license holder for tiny changes to the sculpture, until the license holder is entirely satisfied with the rendition.  This can, and often does, take MONTHS.


But as to why some have received their completed WF statues while others haven't yet......that's a damn good question.

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