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My One-Year Warframe Birthday Was Oct. 4


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Things I remember from my infancy

My earliest memories of Warframe are running through endless corridors, chasing what I hoped was the right thing to chase on my map. I realized that were other people on my team, but I only saw them once or twice during the mission. Most of the time I was alone, taking careful aim at heads with my pleasantly-surprisingly-accurate rifle.  Then there was an alarm and somebody said something I missed because of gunfire and the doors all closed. Trying to figure out how to get the doors open, while enemies kept randomly spawning nearby... :(  Abandonment is pretty much my personal nightmare.


A few days later I met a Defense mission, where the hordes of bad guys were absolutely shredding me. After the Nth time picking up my sorry bleeding carcass, one of my team mates asked if I was using my warframe powers. What? No?  Soon thereafter I found the mods screen and how to equip things. Then I went back, spammed Pull everywhere, wrecked everything. Oh, warframe powers!


Things that have gotten better! :D

Interplayer trading, new regions, new warframes, new weapons, new cosmetic bits, new soundtrack, new mission types, new damage model, new pets, new challenging events, new boss fights!


Things that haven't really worked :-/

Melee 2.0 hasn't made blades and beaters as viable as guns in any serious mission. Sniper rifle rebalance didn't touch the right things. New UI eats more clicks and gives a mean case of whiplash when moving between areas. Many mods remain virtually unusable with irrelevant or underpowered stats.


What I think about the state of the game

Warframe remains a great way to casually waste some time shooting dudes in the face. It is a bright, fast, finely tuned shooter with crisp controls and weapons that actually shoot where you aim them. And it has an FOV adjustment, the mark of all serious shooter games. The constant evolution even of fundamental systems is exciting and a refreshing change of pace from too many other games that are just a gradual accretion of compromise and kludge.  However....the lack of context bugs me more and more with every update. I need story. I need lore. I need to know WHY I'm doing these things (or, being ordered to do these things). According to my stats I have killed over nine hundred thousand things, which is an awful lot of things to kill if you don't understand what it is you're trying to accomplish.


What I think about DE

They are by far the most interactive game studio I have ever seen. Other companies do streams and stuff, but DE does a *lot* of them. Other companies have a forum presence, but DE will actually comment on stuff and reply to you if you ask them a legit question. Other companies have customer support, but DE seems to actually have enough of them to be effective and helpful. One gets the impression that this is a company of transcendent gamer nerds with a lot of technical capability and budget behind achieving their space-ninja fantasies. There's a lot of enthusiasm.


My birthday wish

More lore. You don't have to info-gasm all over us with one update, but at least make a commitment to telling us a little bit at a time. The pieces of backstory in the warframe profiles was a neat idea, but you haven't kept up with them. Reveal something about the actual nature of what we are, what the Lotus is.

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