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New Loka Will Now Surge In Popularity.


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for reference



Actually seeing this picture made me realize that New Loka seems a little more sophisticated than people thought they were. It's important to note that they are not a return to a lack of civilization, but rather an enlightened human civilization, free of the genetically twisted grineer and their ideals. They're like space humanists trying to bring back the Enlightenment.

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Spent too much time guessing if the perrin sequence leader is a man or a woman and now this DX

Stop confusing me!


When a woman is hiding her upper face there is a 60% probability that she's actually a dude

Ask Lady Moonlight here



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Sry. I was lying.


I am actually Darvo's long lost twin brother Arn Etina


Punches the screen he just got to replace the first screen he punched even though he kinda understood that last one a little better and is ponder possible lore implications if what was just stated to cause him to punch his second screen were canon.

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