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[Official Pics] Syndicate Leaders~Why No Team Infested?


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Lead by a battle-hardened Grineer deserter, the Steel Meridian fight a guerilla war against a vast enemy. They are sworn protectors of what little remains of the colonies.

  • Ally: Red Veil
  • Rival: New Loka
  • Hostile: The Perrin Sequence





The dogmatic Arbiters seek a truth through discipline and practice. They reject the "Tenno as Warrior" mythology - a lie constructed to limit their potential.

  • Ally: Cephalon Suda
  • Rival: The Perrin Sequence
  • Hostile: Red Veil





A vast consciousness watching with a curious eye. Seemingly devoid of emotion Suda's thirst for knowledge and abhorrence of destruction can only be described as passionate.

  • Ally: Arbiters of Hexis
  • Rival: Red Veil
  • Hostile: New Loka






A collective of brilliant and powerful merchants, splintered from the Corpus. Their goal is to restore order by bringing prosperity and direction to the violent world they study.

  • Ally: New Loka
  • Rival: Arbiters of Hexis
  • Hostile: Steel Meridian





The Red Veil see corruption all around them. They are honor-bound to heal the system through a great and violent purge. No cost too great, no blood too precious.

  • Ally: Steel Meridian
  • Rival: Cephalon Suda
  • Hostile: Arbiters of Hexis



Only through restoration of a pure humanity and the repopulation of Earth can the conflict end. The New Loka are worshippers of the human form and Earth, before its corruption.

  • Ally: The Perrin Sequence
  • Rival: Steel Meridian
  • Hostile: Cephalon Suda


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we have grandmaaaa instead of the Lotus!



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i have a new syndicate....i present the evRNGelical church. they seek to spread the randomness across the galaxy. in order to join you have a chance at an invitation. that invitation will give you a chance to be accepted or denied. once you are accepted a random item in your inventory will be taken as tribute. in order to rank up in the syndicate you must play random missions on each node hoping that it will give you the points. the rewards are these gacha balls that have a random assortment of items. rngesus leads this syndicate. all must pray. all must love. all must perish!

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Well... Looking at it in still I can definitely say that the Red Veil leader(?) looks too male to be Cantis.


Ahhh, well... Maybe we'll hear more from her soon regardless?


aye. This surely is not catnis. Stalker's fan anyone?

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Is it confirmed that Cantis is female?


A fair point, I suppose, but the earliest images of her used the Red Veil Captive model as a base, so I think it's logical to assume she was designed as such. Could be they reconsidered, and given her lack of presence in the game up to this point I wouldn't really hold it against them for having done so - since it wouldn't have been as big a change.



Grandma? That's not a woman....wait

*looks again*


Okay now I'm confused.


heh, I had to do the same thing XD

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