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Orange Energy Color Changes To Red (Screenshots)


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   For some reason when I choose this color in the Fire Pallet, it changes to a different color after selecting. Maybe the color it changes to is the one it should be but either way, its a bug. It is a small difference but its there.


   Tested on Silva & Aegis and the Sheev. Realizing as I'm typing this that I should have taken screenshots with the Silva & Aegis instead as it is way more noticeable but oh well. 


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Do you have "Legacy Colors" turned on in the game settings?



Did you really have to use rubedo-plated Rhino for this example? xD

I can see the difference but it's not big for me.


You can always use lighter shade, right?

I was making a loadout to match the Rubedo-Plate at the time.

Of course I could use a lighter shade but this is still a bug so I reported it lol

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