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I am an old but new player to warframe, I played back in June last year but so much has changed since. So far, I am mastery rank 5 and I have Boltor Prime, Bo Prime and Despair. I have 5 different Warframes (Vauban, Ash, Nyx, Mirage, Rhino.) and now I don't know what to do. I feel like I've got everything i need, how else can I spend my time. I often run out of things to do in games and just quit but I enjoy Warframe a lot and I don't want that to happen.

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Get everything. Get every prime, max each weapon, each frame, stuff like that.


U15 incoming this/next week, you'll have some more stuff to do.


Other than that do what we all do - log in daily, collect your Titans, do one Void run, or one Cerberus, or whatever you enjoy the most and log out. Then come when any new frame/weapon is released, get it, max it and repeat the daily login cycle.

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goof around


By that I mean try out anything and everything that looks interesting, experiment with different loadouts, look for synergy between weapons+frames or frames+frames, come up with ridiculous challenges for yourself or friends, etc. These work for me but might not work for you, so just go for whatever interests you.

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