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What Happened To Legendary Cores?


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What did DE do with Legendary Cores?


Did Darvo take the extra supply of Legendary Cores and run away?

That's why we haven't seen him for a long time.



I don't want them back in the game though.

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One-time thing for a compensation event.


I hope they never come back personally. They're kinda broken. Free fully ranked mod of any number of ranks with no cost? Please no. 


That'd actually take the joy out of having rank 10 mods. Not to mention the sense of progression and dedication that comes with having ranked one. That and the only slightly valuable thing on the trade market would crash to literally nothing.


I suppose the few legendary cores that were given out when the whole Steel Charge thing have all been traded and used, or that they are sitting in players' inventory. Legendary cores currently cannot be obtained outside of trading.

Trust me when I say, if you want them you can still buy them. Bit costly both credit-wise and plat wise. Like 1m credits and ~250p.


I'd much rather spend 1m credits to just max one and for go the plat cost.

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Wouldn't spend one of my L-cores on Sanctuary tbh...

Give me one of yours and ill spend them on my Sanctuary.



I am still afraid that we will get more r10 mods with Archwing. In most cases r10s are either useless or overpowered. There is no proper balance for them. Whoever thought about r10 Provoked is a genius.

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I wonder if the upcoming Augment Mods will be of Legendary level.

I hope not, as far as I can tell it is the rank 10 mods often causing the huge disparity between power levels, typically due to the multiplicative nature of mods in general. 

Most of them are good at about rank 5, the last 5 ranks often push the mods into more power than is really needed (but leaving the general mentality of that a mod must be maxed out).  The unfortunate bit is if they draw in the power of these mods but keep them at rank 10 they then become not worth the effort of using the 100s of duplicates to gain each of the higher ranks too.


Though it does kinda supprise me we dont yet have any mods with ranks between 5 and 10.

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