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Elite Ghost Clan


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Elite ghost clan recruiting, all research minus volt(it's a starter frame, if you want it that badly research it yourself) the purpose of this clan is to have competent players available to play with a majority of the time.To enforce that this is an elite clan you must:

Be mastery 7 or higher

Have 2 level 30 non starter frames

Possess one of the following frames:frost, vauban, nova, nyx, trinity,nekros, Loki, or rhino.

Should you qualify you may become a Stormblade disciple.

Where falls our shadow fells our blades.

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I would not call MR7 players with mere two non-starter frames "ellite"...


Ellite may be MR16+ players with all frames but primes, or something...

osted Today, 11:33 AMosted Today, 11:33 AM

I said competent, not 2year veterans. I'm m13 myself and I consider myself ahead of the pack by a good amount, truth be told I was gonna set it to mas 11 and 4 maxed non starter frames, along with at least two on the list and 1150+ conclave but I thought that was harsh. If you have set least a half a year invested into the game you'll have roughly 5 or 6 maxed frames average, some more some less. In essence, elite was the closest I could come to of "containing competent players" whilst wording it gracefully, though I appreciate your constructive criticism.

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