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Ps4 Psn Character Lost! Help :(



So I have been playing Warframe for a few days now on my PS4, freaking love this game!

Last night I wanted my wife to give it a try so I logged out of my account and logged into her user account (PS4).
She started a new game did some stuff then logged off. 
Today when I logged back into my account and launched Warframe it had completely reset my game... WTH!!! 

Has this happened to anybody else? Am I missing something? I'm a recent convert from PC (Not true I am a PC gamer who bought a PS4)  And I am not uber familiar with the simplistic menus and simplified UI of the PS4. 

Can anybody help this Noob?

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Don't worry, your account hasn't been lost. This is sometimes an issue with PS4s that share multiple PSN accounts, sometimes when logging into the game it can't tell who's starting/signing into the game.


Sign out of your wife's PSN ID, make sure yours is signed in, restart the console and try launching it again, that might help.

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