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Orokin Invasion: Corrupted Raid


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This probably isn't an original idea, but it's one that's been turning over in my head for about a week now and it won't leave me alone until I put it out in the world. The basic idea is what it sounds like: an invasion event featuring the Corrupted, the only faction who don't have one of their own.



Vay Hek's void portals were a failure, the Tenno smashing and destroying every one they found. However, both the Grineer and the Corpus saw potential value in the technology, and secretly began building test facilities for more efficient portals across the Origin System. However, this activity attracted attention from the Void, and the neural sentries watching over the surviving towers saw an opportunity: a near endless supply of fresh troops. Displaying never before seen power and initiative, the sentries began to force open the portals from the other side, and the Corrupted poured through, capturing all who were suitable for conversion and killing the rest.


Normally, the Tenno would be happy to let their enemies rot, but this sudden change in behavior from the neural sentries was troubling. Concerned over what other new behaviors may emerge if the Corrupted numbers grow too great, the Lotus ordered the Tenno to respond quickly to any such raids, and to prevent the Corrupted from increasing their numbers by any means necessary.



The event would be close to an infested invasion event, but with a twist. Instead of the raid starting in one area and slowly spreading, being beaten one node at a time, the portals will open in one node and the Corrupted will instantly spread to all nodes in two or three layers around it. All nodes can be played at any time, but progress will be slow on 'interior' nodes; once the outer nodes are cleansed of Corrupted forces, the Tenno can start working on pushing them out of the others. Once the origin node is the only one left, the Tenno can start shutting down the portals themselves.


Game types would probably be the standards: going through an area to clear out Corrupted hunting parties, protecting Corpus and Grineer barracks from waves of raiders, attacking Corrupted territory to free or kill groups of prisoners before they can be transported to the Void and turned into Corrupted themselves. Once you reach the portal areas, it would probably be Gate Crash lite; go into the facility, fight through waves of Corrupted to their origin portal and shut it down. Rinse, repeat. It could be mixed up by going through the portal to complete side objectives first: last-ditch killing of Corrupted victims before conversion can be completed, taking advantage of an opportunity to gain unique intel on the Towers, trying to sabotage the sentries' systems, etc. Maybe after a certain number of matches there could be a boss encounter, an Orokin guard system, or some kind of super-strong Corrupted. Anyways, once a certain number of portals are shut down, the Corrupted raid is thwarted and things go back to normal. At least, until some other genius decides to build another portal facility.


There was also the idea that Corrupted raids could overlap with Infested outbreaks, but I haven't sorted out how that mess would work.


New Units

The Corrupted need some fresh blood. Maybe this event would introduce Corrupted versions of more than just the standard troopers plus Fusion MOA and Gunners. But it would also be a chance to include new units, automated units from the Orokin days that are being reactivated for this special occasion.


The only one I've really fleshed out is the Trapper. The design is essentially a walking metal skeleton fitted over a cage big enough to hold a heavy unit. It would plants traps across the map, strong enough to capture a Grineer or a Corpus, but only an annoyance to a Tenno. When something wanders into one of the traps, the Trapper goes over and tries to scoop it into its cage. If it's a worthy target, the Trapper goes into another room and comes back with an empty cage. If the target is unsuitable (say, a Tenno) the Trapper will simply try to crush it to death.


So that's the idea. It's not fully fleshed out yet, I'm probably going to modify it quite a bit now that I can actually see it written out.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

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