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A Little Confused..

(XBOX)Richard PWNR


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There's a problem known to DE of when players are about to take their Mastery Rank Up Tests.


You can submit it at the suport page, but as I've already told you, its an issue known to DE, so it's your call.


The best we (the players) have come up wtih is: turn you settings to Solo, relog and inmeiatly go for the mastery test. From what I've read, it works, don't have a personal experience there.

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Well, It's as simple as this,

I've done it at least 20 times, With 5 different pistols, In all different types of Matchmaking (Solo, Invite only, Public) and when it returns me to the Liset i'm still rank 1. It's sort of made me the joke of the clan XD


I want to spend money on this game, I was about to, But then I was told buying things doesn't take away the mastery rank requirement.

It just gets a little frustrating, I'm sure you guys know how many weapons are locked away when you're stuck on Mastery Rank 1..

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When did he get that awesome avatar o.O? May we tenno get something that awesome too?

community mods get whatever they want. need mod statssss om nom nom nom.





also sounds like you got a bug there definitely support will help fix that

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