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'little Galatine', Gram, Is Even Slower Than Galatine?


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 Before starting, excuse me for my bad grammar, bceause my native lanuage is not English.


 I tried to upload some screenshots in this thread for a better explanation and some visual effect, but it seems that this site doesn't support the system (Pitiful).


 So, most of the people know that Gram is inferior to Galatine from alomst every aspect. Gram has


Less critical chance (7.5% vs 10%)

Less status chance (10% vs 20%)

Shorter reach


than Galatine. (And it has a V stance polarity which doesn't match with Cleaving Whirlwind. CW's Broken Bull gives a huge damage boost, and these 2 heavy swords can really use this help since their base damage isn't that exemplary. However stance choice is subjective, so I won't claim that Gram having a V stance polarity is a downside.) And Gram also has indentical attack speed to Galatine (which is VERY odd, because Gram is shorter and smaller than Galatine).

 But I have used Gram instead of Galatine, because it has a charming spectacle when I gave it a 'Black & Red' color combination.

 And now, I'm shocked that when both weapon have max rank Fury (Attack speed + 30%) equipped, the weapon spec list informs me that Galatine's attack speed goes up from 1.0 to 1.3, while Gram's only goes up from 1.0 to 1.2.


 When I found that fact, I found myself speechless. Because 1 X 1.3= 1.2 calculation is wrong in the first place, and even if this is just a minor visual bug, why, just WHY is Gram suffering from this, not the Galatine?? It just don't make any sense!


 It seems that attack speed stat omits the second decimal place when it comes to visual info,

 So, is Gram actually slower than Galatine..?? I'm starting to believe that! Because as I said, you can't validate the calculation 1 X 1.3 = 1.2 unless you claim that 1 is the number that is rounded off to the nearest integer for some strange reason. Maybe this is the reason why I felt Galatine is faster than Gram when I used both of those with Volt's Speed ability.


 I'm quite certain that DE adopts rounding off the the nearest integer, because when it comes to mod polarity match, Radial Javelin's cost goes down from 13 to 7 when it is installed to a = polarity slot, not 6 (Polarity match grants mods 50% cost reduction, so 13 is decreased to 6.5 and increased again to 7 due to rounding off to the nearest integer.)



 So, the conclusion.

 Gram's attack speed is actually between 0.95 and 0.96, not 1.


 Even though it's weaker, smaller and shorter than Galatine.

 As if Gram wasn't weak enough.



 Gram needs an attack speed buff right now.



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May just be a broken sequence, I mean, scindo prime with fury has a 1.3 attack speed, 1.1 if you add in spoiled strike. But if you put on the manticore skin on it (which is supposed to reduce speed by .05) it's speed drops from 1.1 to 0.9. I'm not sure if thats a broken stat change or what, but it definitely doesnt add up mathematically.

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Yes, there is definitely plenty of rounding on a variety of stats for all weapons, including attack speed. At times it would be nice to see more decimal places, but the current simplicity is fine. Gram and Galatine are both heavy weapons, so their length has nothing to do with their relative speed or size; they're slow and always will be. In time, we hope to see a decent update that makes them all relevant again, as it has come up on the devstream already. 


Mod cost halved by polarity is simply always rounded up, every time. Nothing to do with the way stats have additional decimal places.

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