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Suggestion: Unstuck With Post Game Place Bug Report


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I didn't see any suggestion section so I'll post it here because it's bug related and I hope for one of developers or team to read this.


Problem with being stuck in wall is still present in many places and it's pretty irritating. Instead of posting screenshots and spamming forums with "stuck in wall" topics developers could do pretty fast, efficient and abuse free method of unstuck with problem reporting (it's online enabled game afterall).


Suggestion :


-check player movement if player position is unchanged (with some small tolerance margin), he isn't in state that prevents movement (stun, stasis, etc.) and he tries to move for let's say 5 seconds proceed to next point


-make raycast in both directions on both horizontal axis (check distance squared if it's lower than ~0.1 unit or even less, experiment with values) and if collider doesn't belong to any mob(player could be in middle of fight and got stuck beetween mobs for 5 seconds) proceed to next point


-player is stuck popup window with unstuck option and send player position relative to room origin with room name / id / hash /other to developers as bug report so it can be looked into.


Overall performance hit should be marginal (few cpu cycles for addition / condition checks) only check if player tries to move and calculate movement over time, in this case if movement happens calculating it over time is unnecessary. Most taxing would be raycast hit check after 5 seconds but it's only necessary for checking if player is really needing unstuck I can't imagine situation that normally would make player not move for 5 seconds in this game. All calculations can and should be made on each client side for obvious reasons like ping, lags, host cpu usage. For less network tax position and room name can be send on end of match. Player unstuck can be popup window/keypress/power with icon/etc. that activates when stuck it's up to you (popup is probably too distracting alternatives are better).


There's one question that developers will probably ask: why bother when it's marginal problem, there's a few reasons:

-less forum posts with stuck in wall reports that require developers attention and identifying room they were stuck in

-even then more players decide to not send screenshots with places they're stuck in

-exact position of place with exact room name sent to developer bugtracker on EVERY stuck in wall error.

-more polished levels

-less player irritation

-more love from players to developers

-with small modifications it can be reused to detect afk players

-it's the beta


That's probably all i got to say I'm sorry for: any mistakes/my grammar/punctuation/wall of text/etc. because english is not my native language.


Anyway It's great game that gets better and i hope that all bugs get squashed in most efficient and not problematic way.

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