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Spoiled Strike Vs Buzz Kill



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Spoiled Strike > Less Speed Attack

Buzz Kill 120% Slash Damage

It's really great mod,

My Build?

Killing Blow > For Channeling, I got 100k+ Damage with D.Prime

Molten Impact

Fever Strike

Focus Energy


Pressure Point


And Smite(Faction) or Use Spoiled Strike.

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I think Buzz kill would be better.


I'm a fan of speed tho but I really think its better to have more speed, (at least with a nikana) I'l explain


Nikana does a lot of damage already, one shoting most and for does it does not the little more damage you would do with spoil strike would probably be not to important.


And having more speed will give you to ability to attack more enemy and in a game were you are attack by army, this is useful. 


I don't know your exact build but without certain condition I would say don't slow yourself down. 

I want to add though that I do not own nikana and that It could be better to have nikna with spoil. But again I don't know your build.


(If you have a critic build and berserker having more speed is a must!)  Well my personal opinion.

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changes with the weapon

i use spoiled strike on all my weapons because it is multipurpose but still add buzz kill to some slash focused weapons, if you are worried about speed add berseker to the mix but i have found that some stances are hard to control with such a high speed, so you will need a little time to get used to it

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Spoiled strike if you're going in a high level mission how will need you to have more damage (and where proc or specifique elemental/combo damage type are needed).


Buzz kill if the mission is against infested or not too high level.


Afterwards, nikana isn't a weapon with zorencopter, so the speed doesn't really matter (imho)


Personnaly I got use to use build a / b to always have a build for fast strike, and another for heavy (slow) strike.

Chossing the one according to the mission I wsant to do. ;)


Ps: As soul of time said, I don't think a lot of mission will need a nikana + spoiled strike. ;)

PS2 : atterax > all and deserve a buzzkill + berserker on a build crit more than spoiled strike :p


*PS3 : The greastest solution is to take a life strike more than this 2 mod! :D

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i use my a/b/c as faction loadouts. i'll try and get screen shots if anything of what i got on my nikana


grineer loadout: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330228254


corpus loadout: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330228198


infested/void load out: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330228272


this is what i got on it right now

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if you're using it against infested......then BUZZZZZZZZ

just use this simple build: pressure point, fury, buzz kill, jagged edge, true steel, berserk and 2 element dmg mods  

EDIT: if running against grineer/corpus, remove buzzzzzzzzzzz kill then add spoiled strike, though I hate that mod cos I love speeddd, also remove jagged edge and put some smite or another element  

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