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Yet Another Forma'd Power Slot Thread


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So I've been playing this game for quite some time, and this is honestly the first time that the devs have ever suggested anything new that I had any problems with. This game is awesome, the devs are awesome, the people are about as good as a f2p community really gets.


That being said I think a vocal minority of players are really missing the point of the dissent over the upcoming change. Personally, I've spent hundreds of hours just releveling warframes after forma'ing away at least one power's old slot. Let's face it, there just aren't that many warframes where you want all 4 abilities all the times. I'm not ungrateful that they're giving me new content, and I'm not unhappy about the change. Being able to run all 4 powers without sacrificing that OP radial disarm or crazy good molec prime will be awesome! 


The problem is that this change, if implemented as they stated in their first announcement will take away -hundreds- of hours of work, and there are plenty of easy solutions to avoid this. It's not like removing the polarities people have added is necessary, and even if it is something like "legendary" formas that other people have suggested would be an easy enough fix. There have been numerous other solutions that give minimal if any problems, and as is this change will set almost anyone who's ever forma'd a warframe back at least a few hours of playtime, if not weeks.


If the forma refund were necessary this would be different, but it simply isn't. A few hours at most of a dev's time to tweak how the change will be implemented, and those few hours will save thousands upon thousands of player's from losing the time they spent grinding the forma'd frame in the first place. To be blunt, simply refunding formas would hurt the devs more than anyone. I would be sitting on such a large pile of formas that I'd have absolutely no incentive to buy more, and that is the #1 reason why I spend plat these days.


So devs, please don't wipe and refund, for yourselves as well as us. And to the forum trolls, if you honestly don't see any reason for hundreds of lost hours, you're some sort of weird sociopath most likely. 


Edit-read liantedan's linked post, now 99% ok. That still kinda sucks for the people who forma'd away 3 power polarities but odds are even then they won't need the extra polarity after removing the cost of powers. This game has awesome devs.

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Just to clarify, people that have forma'd away 3 of their ability slots will only lose one polarity. Losing one polarity might be an issue at first glance, but you have to realize that we're also losing 2 mod slots. The mod points freed up from this should be more than enough to cover the loss of one polarity.

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