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Sechura Dark Sector Conflict Rewards Different Amount Of Credits Depending If You Area Host Or Client


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(Edit2) So I typoed the heading of this thread I meant just regular dark sector defence


We noticed peculiar thing today while doing money runs at Sechura with my friend. There was a difference in mission reward credits earned based on who was the host with public match-making. The difference appeared only if somebody stayed to fight after others left. Client-side users saw the players who stayed in the map still in the group after leaving, while the host user properly saw only the players who had left with him and thus were actually still in the group afterwards. This was mirrored in the income; client-side users got 810 credits more for each ghost member they still saw remaining in the team afterwards. Be aware that this difference occurred multiple times in a row and is dependent on who is the host because switching hosts reversed the money imbalance. If everybody left simultaneously there was no money difference.


(Edit)Bear in mind this was only tested on Sechura and we don't know if this applies to all dark sectors or all defense missions in general.




So I guess Lotus is skimming money for her offshore accounts eh.


Here is the math:


Friend's side (who was the host):


Here is how much money my friend had before the mission(according to inventory screen): 496,699

Here is how much he earned according to mission end screen: 17,010 (mission credit bonus) + 794 (mission credits)

End total for him is (this how much inventory screen displayed for him):514,503


My side (I'm client):


Here is how much money I had before mission(according to inventory screen): 187,460


Here is how much I earned according to mission end screen: 18,630 (mission credit bonus) + 794 (mission credits)


End total for me is (this how much inventory screen displayed for me): 206,884


In conclusion: We both gained the amounts game said we did. Problem was that the host side received 810 credits less per leaving player. In this case host is 1620 credits short.



Here are screenshots showing the credits difference:


Screenshot of host after match screen:





Screenshot of client after match screen:




-groznez, Gilalar, Caduzeus

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Also, in case anybody wonders, the discrepancy of 980 mission credits in the in-game screenshot vs. 794 mission credits in the post-game screenshot is due to the 19% credit tax on the sector (rounded, 980 * .81 = .793,8)

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