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...Is a bow a Sniper Rifle?



But first let me LOL @ "sniper" weaponry in a game where 100 - 200 meters or so is about the max distance....   Maw & Paw Yeehaw could do that with a worn out deer rifle using a walmart $20 scope.   Ok, now that is out of my system...


Given the sorry (lack of) magnification we are provided and the extreme short distances to the targets, a bow is just as good a "sniper" weapon as any.  Its not like we are having to account for wind, planetary rotation,  ballistic coefficients, atmosphere density, gravity, etc here.   Your target is less than a football field away,  and still in "red dot sight" ranges.  


It is silent, it uses sniper rifle ammo, it uses rifle mods,  it hits hard per shot,  ....  its a sniper rifle with a bow cosmetic skin, in terms of performance and usage.  Absolutely, the answer is yes. 

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