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[Auction Kubrows 72 Hours] Athletic Lotus Raksa And Merle Sahasa,bulky Domino Huras,normal/athletic Hound Sunika


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Remember : height and gender is random.


2Ximprints normal price for 1Ximprint half price


My Kubrows:


Name: Monella

Type: Raksa

Build: Athletic


Starting bid: 75

Buyout: 400

C/O=texrei 75pl


Natural Color:


Other Color:




Name: Panazza

Type: Sahasa

Build: Athletic

Pattern: Merle

Starting bid: 75

Buyout: 400



Natural Color:


Other Color (inverse):




Kubrows Friends:



Name: Just a nana

Type: Huras

Build: Bulky

Pattern: Domino

Starting bid: 75

Buyout: 700


Natural Color:


Other Color:




Name: Palla

Type: Sunika

Build: Normal/Athletic

Pattern: Hound

Starting bid: 20

Buyout: 200


Natural color:



Gl for trade, ask for other start bid :3



New post:https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/328393-auction-kubrows-48-hours-athletic-lotus-raksa-and-merle-sahasabulky-domino-hurasnormalathletic-hound-sunika-bulky-patchy-sunika-blue-color/

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